Why a Geriatrician?

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Geriatrics is a medical specialty focused on the care of older adults. In later life, the body undergoes many physiological changes. These realities, oftentimes added to the existence of disease and attendant medical therapy, make the care of the older adult complex. Detailed evaluation, insightful management and ongoing monitoring is required to promote activity, well being and safety.

Geriatricians are trained to navigate the complexities of caring for seniors through teamwork, cautious therapeutic trials and focus on quality of life verses the conquering of disease.


Mystic Geriatrics lifestyle



  • care for all of you: physical, functional, cognitive, social, emotional, and spiritual
  • provide medical management of acute and chronic conditions
  • assess fall potential and set preventative measures to prevent them
  • provide for the maintenance of mobility and physical function
  • treat memory loss and dementia
  • manage medications and work to reduce their use
  • provide preventive care, disease screening and immunizations
  • offer care coordination with specialists
  • provide end of life/palliative care consultation
  • provide pain management and alleviation of suffering
  • offer goal setting and plans that improve quality of life