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Twenty commonly asked questions about Mystic Geriatrics LLC:

1.) Will Dr. Feltes be my personal physician?

He and his Nurse Practitioner, Karen Terwilliger, will serve all your primary care needs. We are also honored to include Dr. Paqui Motyl for additional support in your care.


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2.) How may we contact Dr. Feltes or his team?

Once a member, you will be given both Dr. Feltes and Nurse Karen’s numbers so that you may reach them promptly. Our office phone is 860-536-5302.


3.) If I spend time in the Hospital or Nursing Home, will Dr. Feltes continue to manage my care?

Yes, Dr.Feltes will continue to follow your care advocating on your behalf.


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4.) What are Dr. Feltes’ Board Certifications?

Geriatrics, Family Medicine, and Palliative Care.


5.) What are the fees?

As a geriatrics concierge primary care practice, there is a membership fee, with a discount for two adults living in the same residence.


6.) Must I pay monthly or may I pay a annually?

You are given the option of monthly payment (only) by credit card or quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment by check or credit card.


7.) Where is the office be located?

StoneRidge Campus, 186 Jerry Browne Road, Building 6, Apartment #6406.


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8.) What are the office hours?

We will schedule appointments either at the office or in your home between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. with evening and weekend appointments available as needed.


9.) Will Dr. Feltes and Nurse Karen be available for contact 24/7?

Yes, you will have access to both 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone. Should a visit be required, we will schedule an appointment for you that day.


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10.) May I or will I have to go to the office for my visits?

Visits will be scheduled either in your home or at the office depending on need.


11.) For what reasons should I come to the office?

We may ask you to visit the office for your initial and annual physical examinations as well as certain assessments, wound care, minor surgical or other procedures.


12.) How does the care from a Geriatrician differ from other primary care doctors?

Geriatricians receive specialized training in the handling of the complex needs of the older adult and in the management of seniors living with several chronic medical and/or mental health concerns. Geriatric medicine seeks to incorporate your physical health with that of your emotional well-being, personal goals, spirituality and available supports. Together we develop a plan of care to meet these desired results.


13.) What is the geographic area Mystic Geriatrics will service?

We will travel to homes within a 10-15 mile radius of Mystic, CT. This will include travel to Westerly, Rhode Island.


14.) Will Dr. Feltes perform minor surgery and wound care procedures in the office on campus?

Yes, we will have the capacity to handle minor surgical procedures and provide comprehensive wound care management for members at the office in #6406.


15.) Will the concierge fee continue should I be admitted to the nursing home?

Yes, Dr. Feltes will continue to follow your care while an inpatient at a local Skilled Nursing facility.


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16.) I live 6 months here and 6 months away. Must I pay the membership fee while I am away?

You will pay the membership fee for the time you are living in CT and under our care. Normal costs of record reproduction may apply to forward your records to an alternate doctor during your time away from your CT home. Each case will be individually considered, together.


17.) Since the Doctor and Nurse often visit patient homes, will the office be staffed during those times?

We will not have set office availability daily so as to maintain the flexibility of our office visits. You will always have 24/7 access to both Dr. Feltes and Nurse Karen via phone.


18.) Will Dr. Feltes be available to meet for small group discussions with patients and their families, and if so how often?

On a regular ongoing basis Dr. Feltes will be conducting informational sessions with small groups in order to discuss current health issues and areas of health interest.


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19.) As the practice grows, will my Doctor and Nurse remain the same?

Yes, you will maintain the same providers over time. As the practice grows, we may add to our clinical staff and inform you as this occurs.


20.) Do you bill insurance and what insurances does the practice accept?

Yes, we will bill your insurance for medical visits and procedures. We currently accept all major insurances.


We hope to serve you and yours as we develop this unique practice.