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Mystic Geriatrics is a concierge* senior care practice that offers geriatric care services through in-home and office visits. We bring to our community a wealth of specialized knowledge regarding the needs of the older adult. Our unique practice model engages each patient and their family in the development of a therapeutic relationship, with services based on each person’s specific goals.


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Our practice focuses on the:

  • complete care of the individual
  • promotion of health and vigor
  • assurance that the doctor is only a phone call away
  • prevention of crisis and recurrent emergency room visits or hospitalization
  • maintenance of safety and independence in the home
  • protection of physical and cognitive function
  • fostering of quality of life
  • preservation of dignity


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Unique practice benefits:

Mystic Geriatrics provides the full range of family practice and geriatrics services with both in-home and office capabilities, complemented by immediate access to consult and care 24/7. Our average patient age is 80 years old with an age range of 65-100+ years. The patient limit is 500 and restricted to those in neighboring towns. We offer extended patient visits – average length 1 hour – to allow for a relaxed, comprehensive experience.

The practice also provides social and psychological services, as well as patient, small group and community education.


*Concierge medicine:

In the concierge model of medical practice, patients agree to a membership for which they pay a retainer to gain enhanced access to the doctor and specialized services. With a limit of 500 patients, as compared to traditional practices with thousands of patients, Mystic Geriatrics is able to provide more personal attention along with ready access.